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The new Finance Tech Stack 2021 by Startup & Tools and ScaleupLab ist finally here. Exclusive for our community we gathered over 430 finance tools for German Startups and Scaleups, you can all use in your finance departement. Scroll down and find out how to get it!

Our ScaleupLab X Startup & Tools Finance Tech Stack includes many finance tools to set up your finance department. Collected by the Scaleup Lab & Startup & Tools team, just so you can choose and find the best fitting tool for your business.
Here are some of the most popular tools, which you can find in our Tech Stack, sorted by area:

Accounting, ERP & Payroll:


KUNO provides it’s own Operating System (OS) and pairs it with service providers for an integrative, fully digital solution for administrative HR & Finance management. The range of services is aimed at small and medium-sized companies as well as start-ups, who are looking for a simple and integrative solution to their processes and reporting enabling them more time to focus on their company growth.


With sevDesk you save time and money in your accounting. Thanks to the intuitive handling, you will be able to create invoices much faster and have all important information about your accounting available at any time.


Billomat is a web-based accounting software that allows our customers to do their paperwork in a fast, secure and effective manner from anywhere. Thanks to the SSL encrypted cloud technology and the mobile app, you can manage your invoices, estimates and much more while being on the go. We aim to make accounting as easy as possible for startups, businesses and freelancers, so our customers have more time for the important things in business life. That is why we have developed Billomat.

Automation & Spendmanagement:


GetMyInvoices is the cloud software for digital invoice management. The software automatically collects invoices from thousands of sources, such as customer portals or email inboxes, so you can manage them intuitively and control invoice approvals easily & centrally. Afterwards, the invoices are transferred directly to the tax advisor or to the accounting software.


finway makes SME expense management as simple and intuitive as it should be in a digital world. With our software and our cards, you manage the entire process from budgeting, to approval of purchases and invoices to payment and transfer to the accounting department on a consistent platform. #weputthefuninfinance


Hypatos offers leading deep learning document automation technology for end-to-end automation in fiannce operations. Invoice automation solution includes invoice information extraction, compliance checks (VAT) clomliance, and account assigment.


Pleo offers smart company cards that automate expense reports and simplify company spending. Pleo means no more reimbursements or boring end-of-month expense reports. You decide who gets a Pleo card, your team pay for whatever they need to do their best work.

Equity & Fundraising:


Engage your employees and investors. Find out how leading companies use Ledgy as their single source of truth to digitize cap tables, automate equity plans, model financing rounds, and manage investor relations.

Planning & Reporting:


Airbank is a financial management platform for SMBs that connects to existing bank accounts through Open Banking and allows you to manage your cash flow, reporting, AR and AP — all in one place. Airbank connects to more than 2,000 banks across Europe and the UK, and is on a mission to simplify financial management for SMBs.


Agicap is an online software that simplifies cash flow management by centralising financial data in real-time. From a single interface, SMB managers, owners, and founders can have a clear vision of their present and future cash situation, to better anticipate and make strategic decisions.


Tidely – liquidity management the easy way! With user-friendly, intelligent tools, Tidely helps you actively manage the financial success of your business – whether you are a startup, a SME or an entrepreneur. Tidely not only creates transparency about your financial situation, but also supports you in liquidity-related decisions with valuable insights.


With aconis you can gain valuable financial information in three simple steps and generate meaningful reports and dashboards for optimal controlling in your company.


COMMITLY – Liquidity planning software – developed for entrepreneurs. Get a grip on cash flow. COMMITLY helps you monitor and plan the liquidity of your business.

Not in there? Submit your tool solution to [email protected] and we’ll add you next time!

Click here to download the Finance Tech Stack list as pdf.

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